Daisy NZ


Daisy DIY pool covers and rollers are simple to install. Everything you need is provided in the kits including step-by-step instructions. For extra assistance, we have provided some useful ‘How-To’ guides:

Measure up

You will need to know some simple measurements. You will need a long tape and it helps if someone can hold the other end. Go to How to Measure for instructions and cover sizing information.

Select the products

There are several styles and types of pool covers and rollers. Select the right cover and roller for your pool and your needs at Choose a Pool Cover and Choose a Pool Roller.

Install your products

(This information is also supplied with your products). Installing the products is easy with our “How-To” guides.

Check out the Quality and special properties of our products at UltraDome™ Solar Bubble Technology . Your Daisy DIY pool covers and rollers come fully warranted. Check out Warranties. If you prefer you can choose to Use a Registered Installer. Simply tick this box at the check-out when ordering and we will organise it for you. If you need to know more, or have a question, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.