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Choosing Your WinterKleen Debris Cover

WinterKleen Debris Covers are a must for New Zealand during winter or when the pool is not in use for sustained periods. They keep the pool clean from leaf and other undesirable debris. You’ll never look back!

WinterKleen is a porous material that does not allow pooling of water. The cover is suspended above the water line and overlaps the pool edges by about 200mm. Debris is left on the cover and blows away by wind action, or can be brushed or hosed off.

Covers are pre-made and edged. They are supplied complete with storage bag and fittings to attach and anchor to the pool surround.

Available in three attractive colours  - blue, green and black.


Fitting Area

The cover requires 400mm additional free area around the pool to locate cover fixings  ie; The cover will overlap the pool by 200mm and will need another 200mm from the cover to the fixing  pin.

When measuring for a raised edge, the cover must be shorter than to the edge of course, so ensure there is more than 200mm from the pool to the raised edge. If not, shorten your your measurements to suit. (There will less overlap).

Rectangular Pools

Rectangular covers can be ordered using the pool measurements including the step areas and similar. To order you will need the measurements of your pool.

Shaped Pools

WinterKleen Covers can be contoured to follow the shape of your pool. For a shaped pool, a Registered Installer will need to measure accurately before the cover is supplied. This will ensure correct fitting. Contact us, or order the cover first- and we will contact you to organise the measure-up.


WinterKleen Support Pillow.

Debris covers should remain above the water line. For larger pools, one or more support pillows can be positioned under the cover. They are simply blown up and located in the pool with four tie cords from the pillow. Order with your cover or purchase any time as an accessory.