Swimming Pool Covers NZ

Measure My Pool

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To price or order a Cover or Roller you will need to choose your pool type and measurements of your pool.

(A) is the maximum width, and (B) is the maximum length . (see drawings below) for many pools this is all you need.

Floating Covers are supplied in a rectangle and easily cut to size on-site. Width and length are the widest points to cover your pool.

If you have a step area (any attached shape) be sure to measure this, this will be attached to your rectangular cover.
Choose the left or right side as most covers cannot reverse (it has a correct side up). Measure the step area A1 and B1. If it is not at the end also measure the distance from each end. D1 from “roller end” and D2 from the far end.

Solar Covers are supplied over-size and are trimmed to allow for a little shrinkage in the length that may occur (approx 50mm over 5m).

ThermoTech covers are normally supplied oversize for trimming to fit. However, there is no shrinkage and they can be supplied to fit, accurate measurements are needed. May be edged if preferred.

WinterKleen covers are supplied to overlap and be externally fixed. They do not roll up but are stored away in the Cover bag supplied. They can be either the rectangles to cover your pool or shaped to follow the curved contours of your pool. WInterKleen has a sewn edge so must be cut before delivery.
If you require “shaped”  you will need an Installer to accurately measure your pool.

Covers come supplied with an easy punch-and-fit eyelet kit.
A Roller fit-kit is required if you wish to fit a covers to an existing roller.
Solar Covers will require an Over-Cover to protect the rolled- up cover and preserve your warranty.