Swimming Pool Covers NZ

Looking After My Pool Cover

Solar Bubble

If you have a roller system, apply the Over -Cover every time you roll up the cover.

If you don’t have a roller system, the cover must be removed and placed completely in the shade. It must never – not even for a few minutes – be left in the sun when folded.

This is because the heat generating effect of the cover is magnified immensely when rolled or folded, and it will very quickly self-destruct. The results may not be immediately visible, but they can be very serious.

There can be so much heat created that the air expansion creates sufficient pressure to force the lamination of the two sheets apart, causing the bubbles to join and form lines of larger bubbles. This is not life-threatening to the cover unless repeated consistently, however, the cover can get so hot that it becomes molten and welds itself together – completely ruining it.

Over Covers need to be replaced when they deteriorate and can be purchased as an accessory. Hold the cover up to the sun, if you can see through it, it’s letting the sun through!

High chlorine levels and incorrect PH will rapidly deteriorate your cover. Make sure the chlorine levels do not exceed 3ppm. Remove cover when shock dosing your pool, and only replace when levels are normal.

Run your pool during the heat of the day. This will even out the temperature in the water and not get too hot just below the cover. It will also prevent damaging chlorine gas from accumulating under the cover. This saves chlorine by the way, an added bonus.

Correct storage and chlorine levels are a requirement of your warranty.


Although the ThermoTech™ does not require an over cover, the other recommendations should be followed as per the Solar Bubble above.

WinterKleen Debris Cover

Fold away in the bag provided when not in use. Replacement WinterKleen Fitting Kits can be purchased as accessories if ever required.

Do not let your cover sag into the pool water. Chlorine and other chemicals may assist in deterioration. Floating Pillows are also available as an accessory.