Swimming Pool Covers NZ

Attach a New Cover to an Existing Roller

you will need a Roller Fit-Kit.

This pack has all you need to fit any Cover to any Roller.


Make  Hooks/plugs  on the Roller for the Cover Tie-cords

Either use existing hooks to the roller, or fit/replace/add  new Feather Plug Hooks from the Roller Fit-kit .

Hooks to be about 500 to 600 apart.

To fit Feather Plug Hooks, drill new holes with drill-bit provided and push the plugs in.


Fit Eyelets to the Cover

Lay the cover evenly under the Roller Tube.

Mark off the corresponding positions on the Cover below  for the eyelets.

Fit the eyelets, 50mm back from the end of the cover. Place a block of wood under the cover and punch out  holes with punch-tool provided in the kit.

Locate the male part of the eyelet up through the hole, place the female part on top and tap home with a mallet.


Fit the Cover to the Roller

Position the Roller assembly temporarily back about  half a metre or so  and in-line with the cover, this will make it easier to adjust tie-cord lengths.

Pass one end of a tie-cord through each eyelet and bring together both ends.
Pass both tie-cord ends through an  Adjuster-piece from the kit.
(Tip;  Use a piece of sticky tape to bind the ends before threading through, makes it easy).

Put a knot at one end of the tie-cord (stop it slipping out of adjuster-piece). Attach the other end to the roller hooks.

Roll up and check Cover is lifting evenly, adjust the lengths of the tie-cords using the adjuster-piece.


Rolling up the Cover

Roll up the Cover with one hand and guide it on with the other.

Cover should roll up over the tube, not under.