Daisy NZ


Daisy roller systems are telescopic and expand to your pool dimensions; and your roller to pool cover connections.

Roller Types; A100 –ST – MKII

Install a Daisy Roller

Everything you need is in the box

The only tools you will need:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Power drill
  • Soft-faced hammer or mallet

Everything else you need is included, even the correct drill bits!

 Carefully unpack, check, & identify the parts.

 Assemble the Roller

Carefully unpack, check, & identify the parts.

The Tubes will have a some larger pre-drilled holes, for the “:Feather Plugs” which will hold the cover; the smaller, red marked holes, are for the self-tapping fixing screws. Do not fix yet.

Identify also the 12 x Stainless Steel screws that will be used to fit the Hand-wheel.

Start by placing, and expanding, the telescopic tubes evenly across pool width at the roller location end.

Ensure that the out-side ends of the tubes have 3 x red-marked holes around close to the ends (50mm),they usually have the Daisy Logothere also). This is the correct assembly for the tubes. Now Fit the end-slugs, (marked small and large  in the 2 x tube set)  to the tube ends. Fix each around with 3 x self-tapping screws

If using castors (ST only), fit to the Frames now.

Slide the Hand-wheel over the end-slug – align holes, insert the 6 x stainless- steel screws and tighten.  Repeat for other end.

Slide Frame onto the end- slug shaft.

Insert end- plug into End Slug Shaft (usually already done for you). Locate the Frame by fitting the end Bolt & Washers, finger tighten only.

The Frame should be positioned at a minimum of 150mm wider than the pool on both sides.

For the 3 x tube assembly make sure the centre tube is evenly placed in both outer Tubes.

Ensure the larger (Feather Plug) holes in the tubes are  in-line before fixing.

Fix around where the tubes overlap, using the self-tapping screws in the red-marked holes.

Use the supplied drill-bit to drill out the inside tube where the Feather-Plug holes over-lap.

Push/tap in the Feather Plugs in the larger holes ready to attach your cover.


Attach the Cover

Lay the cover evenly under the Roller Tube and temporarily hook an end of each tie to the feather plugs and mark off the corresponding positions on the Cover.

Fit the eyelets, 50mm back from the end of the cover, at these positions. Use a block of wood and punch out the holes with tool provided. Locate the male part of the eyelet up through the hole, place the female part on top and tap home with a mallet.

Pass the bottom of each tie through the eyelet and pass both tie ends through the adjuster pieces. Re-hook an end to the feather plugs.

Estimate evenness of tie length using the adjuster. (Tip. Move the roller 500mm back and adjust each tie).

Roll up and see if the Cover lies squarely along the tube, re-adjust as required for even tension.

Roll up the Cover with one hand and guide it on with the other,

Contact us if you need more information or help.