Swimming Pool Covers NZ

Fitting a Daisy  Cover to the pool



How To

Bubble Style Cover

Lay the Cover bubble- side down to the water. Flatten out  so that the cover sits relatively flat on the water.
Along one length (best not to start along a wall with a skimmer-box) , curve the cover up the wall 50 – 75mm. With the cover flat on the pool, brush out any bubbles and folds across the pool with your pool broom.

Using your pool as a template, take a pair of good scissors,  then with someone holding the cover in position, cut the opposite edge of the cover so that it also sits flat on the water .

(See below for  cutting round skimmer box and/or fixed ladders).


Now do the same  for the top and bottom width of the pool.

Thermotech Cover

Follow the above procedures, however, ThermoTech can be any side down and does not shrink. It and can be cut to sit flat on the pool.


 Note; Good scissors can be purchased as an accessory.


 Other Notes

Cutting to Fit. Bubble Cover style,You may cut the cover back to waterline, however best to  wait two to three weeks after initial cut, it will shrink a little – shrinks more along the length than the width.


Skimmer Box  Cut two vertical slits in the cover upturn, either side of your skimmer box, fold the flap you have created into the skimmer box, therefore allowing you to hose debris off the top of the cover into the skimmer box. Your Daisy cover is delivered with an ample margin for trim.


Ladders and Fixtures. Sometimes it is best to let the cover just sit up around fixtures so that the cover does not catch when starting to roll up.  Try it, cut if you need to.


Step and Spa attached areas. Fold the cover into the main pool before rolling up. You can  fit a “haul cord” via a fitted eyelet. (eyelet kits and haul  cords can be purchased as accessories).

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