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Install Daisy Power to ST Roller

In the Box

  • Special End-frame for fitting the Roller Tube, Motor, and Daisy Power Unit.
  • Paper Template for marking holes to be drilled for fixing Motor to Roller tube
  • Daisy Power Motor Unit. (Cylindrical)
  • Daisy Power Control Unit with plugs for Mains adapter, Solar Charger,and Motor.
  • 2 x Remote Controllers.
  • Fixing kit of all screws and includes drill-bit.
  • Full instructional Brochure.


How To

(Full instructional Brochure also included with Kit)

  • Wrap paper template around roller tube, the end you want to install the Daisy Power motor and controls
  • Without the drive motor inside the tube, mark and drill the 6 x 4.5mm holes through the template with the 4.5mm drill bit (3 around the end of the tube and 3 around the inside of the tube approximately 243mm from end of tube)
  • Insert the drive motor, (if there is a feather plug in way, remove, then replace after motor install) then using the 4.5mm drill again, drill through the 6 holes in the tube, through the drive motor flange
  • Insert and tighten the 6 x mounting screws
  • Ensure drive motor wire is running through the recess in the housing on the end
  • Install the end frame, secure firmly 4 x mounting bolts
  • Install the control housing, secure firmly the 4 x mounting bolts
  • Plug in the drive motor wire to the connector socket on the underside of the control housing Note: each connector socket has labels for the correct appliance.

 Add Solar Charger

  • If you have a solar panel, clamp the panel to the drive motor end frame and plug into ‘Solar’ connector socket on the underside of the control housing
  • Adjust the solar panel position by placing the shadow indicator in the centre of the solar panel, at midday adjust the position of the solar panel so there is minimal shade from the indicator. This will ensure the optimum solar panel position for your location.
  • Plug in AC Charger to fully charge battery before first operation.