Daisy NZ

Use a Registered Installer

Save time or prefer not to DIY? We have registered Dealers and Installers covering most of New Zealand. If you would like to use an installer, simply tick the appropriate box when placing your order. We will arrange one of our own operatives, or a registered installer, for you. Installer charges are paid directly by you to the installer. Measuring your pool is usually simple. (Usually longest width & longest length). Check out all shapes on How to Measure my Pool info page. However,  our installers can do this for you. Simply contact us to arrange.   We  have price estimate guidelines for installations as follows; (all prices include GST) Travel charges may not be included in the estimates given below.* Solar Bubble and ThermoTech™

  • Initial measure-up & quote                         free **
  • Install  & cut Cover (no Roller)                  $150.00
  • Install cover and fit to existing Roller       $200.00
  • Install a Roller and fit to existing Cover   $200.00
  • Install new Roller & Cover                          $250.00

WinterKleen Debris Covers

  • Initial Measure -up rectangle                     free**
  • Initial Measure –up contoured shape      $150.00
  • Installations                                                  $400.00

To remove & dispose of old cover              $60.00 *Charges can vary with degree of difficulty for some sites, and distance from the Installer ie. travel charges. You may wish to discuss these  before proceeding. Contact us  **Not available in all locations. Please contact us for any further info, or questions you may have. Also see  FAQ and lots more under the Resources menu.