Swimming Pool Covers NZ


We rarely get a warranty claim but just in case anything goes wrong we’re here to help you.

All Daisy quality products come with a pro-rata warranty which covers the purchaser for defective material or workmanship on a pro-rata basis.

Even better, you don’t need to register your warranty, we will maintain all records of your purchase but you must keep the details of your purchase for future reference if contacting us.

General Product  Warranty

  • For any products received damaged or faulty we will replace immediately including freight costs.
  • We may require you to return the product to us via a carrier of our choice.  Freight paid by us.
  • If any products prove faulty, and a warranty is claimed in the first 2 x years following receipt, then we will replace, repair, or reimburse at our choice.
  • We may require you to return the product to us  (Freight paid by us).

Pro-rata Product Warranty

  • 400 bubble covers - 5 years
  • 525 bubble covers - 10 years
  • ThermoTech Insulation covers - 8 years
  • WinterKleen mesh - 8 years
  • All roller assemblies - 10 years
  • Spa Pool Hard Covers - 5 years
  • Spa Pool Floating Covers - 2 years

How it works:

Your pro-rata warranty starts with the date of purchase. Each year the warranty is proportionally reduced. This means that you pay only for the period of time you have used the product in one year increments. Example: The 525 Bubble Cover after 5 years would be half of the current price, after 10 years the amount will be zero.

At no cost to the purchaser, we will immediately replace or repair any faulty products or make good any installation faults, if notified within three months of initial purchase.

The fine print:

SPC NZ may require inspection and/or photo images of the any warranty claim.

How to claim:

Simply fill out our Warranty Claim form.

Conditions which may void the warranty:

  • Castors & wheels, over-covers, Daisy Power Auto Rollers, and all accessories are not covered by pro rata warranty. Please refer to our General Product Warranty (above). Accessories replacements can be ordered here.
  • If DIY installations fail to comply with the installation instructions.
  • If a rolled up cover is exposed to the sun. The over cover must be on the whole time or the cover be stored in complete shade.
  • Storing the cover at temperatures in excess of 45 degrees Celsius.
  • Allowing chlorine levels to be higher than normal. Your water should not exceed 3ppm chlorine level in normal use.
  • Subjecting the cover or roller to conditions resulting in tears, cuts or damage.
  • The warranty is not transferable to any new owners.

Note: The Pro Rata Warranty is not redeemable for cash; only as a discount on a replacement cover purchase.

For more information on caring for your pool cover visit Looking after my Cover.