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Years of research and development by Daisy has resulted in a technically innovative swimming pool cover design that is exclusive to Daisy. Only Daisy pool covers utilise the trademarked and award-winning UltraDome™ tech  to deliver maximum heating, insulation, durability and value.

The unique moulding technique enables the polyethylene (PE) bubble layer to be formed in a profile that is consistent in thickness for greater strength and durability. To get the maximum life from your Daisy pool cover, read these tips.

Easy DIY install or we can do it for you.

Choose your pool cover

From high heat-gain to maximum heat retention we have a great covers in a variety of good looking styles and colours. Select from list below to check out our pool covers, find the perfect fit for you.

Solar Pool Covers

Good insulation but also translucent for Maximum Heat Gain from the Sun. Prevents cooling from evaporation, saves water and chemicals and keeps the pool clean.

Titanium Green Pool Cover


Solar Bubble style designed for great looks, Green or Blue, a sheer look with brilliant colour & Less fading.

Solar Blue Swimming Pool Cover


High heat gain Solar Bubble style in two thicknesses of translucent Blue, our most popular style.

DIY Value Pack


Pack contains everything you need for a pool including Cover & Roller, for pools up to 3.8m wide and 8.2m Long.

Covers for Winter heat retention and Debris Covers

Superior insulation for maximum heat retention in the colder months, cover of choice for indoor pools, or outside when you want to swim in the colder months.

ThermoTech swimming pool cover


Thermal blanket, triple layer closed-cell foam for maximum heat retention in heated pools.  4.5mm thickness, has the highest insulation properties of any blanket in the market.

WinterKleen Pool Cover


Debris Covers: Suspended porous cover to trap debris, available in Blue, Black & Green. Comes complete with a Fit-Kit.  Cover can be shaped to fit the surround of your Pool. Keeps the Pool crystal clean for extended periods of non-use. A must for winter.

Larger and Commercial Pools

Applications for Larger and Commercial Pools Covers can be made with edging, wind-skirting, and a range of design options. Let our sales team work with you for all your needs. Contact Us.

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