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316ST Stainless Steel Pool Cover Roller


  • Standard ST316(S) Up to 4.3m pool width, max length pool 18m, $1050.00
  • Wide ST316(W)       Up to 6.3m  pool width, max length pool 16m, $1255.00.


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316ST Stainless Steel Pool Cover Roller

The durable Daisy 316ST gives a brilliant modern look to your Roller, a very popular addition to our range.

The complete end-sets are grade 316 stainless steel, the 100mm diameter roller tube is aluminium.

The ST can be supplied with pre-drilled feet for fixing down or to a wall. (Advise us when ordering - see "Notes" on the order form).

A castor Kit is an option to make the roller fully mobile for easy push away from the pool-side. Locking brakes make it secure when using.

The 100mm Diam Roller Tubes are telescopic and easily adjust to your pool width.

This roller can be used with any of our pool covers.

Comes with everything you need for easy assembly and to fit a Cover to your Roller.

Assembly tools required: Screwdriver, Mallet, Power drill ( drill-bit provided).