Swimming Pool Covers NZ

The Boom  consists of; two sections of pipe that fit together and a  Haul Cord, and an assembly kit with everything you need. Full instructions included.

Note; The Boom Pocket must be completed at the time of manufacture, it cannot be added later, see the Simple Boom Kit for fitting on-site, an after market addition, or a more economical option).

Boom & Pocket for Covers


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A Boom  assists when rolling the Cover on by providing a stiff edge that keeps a floating Cover straight and above the waterline. Can be useful for any rectangular pool.

A PVC Pocket is stitched to the end of the  Cover for the Boom Pipe at time of Cover order. (cannot be retro-fitted).

The  plastic pipe is easily  cut to the width  required (woodsaw or hacksaw). Pipe ends are  glued on.

The  Boom Pipe slides into the PVC Boom Pocket. A Haul Cord Kit is included.