Daisy NZ

The Simple Pool Boom Kit consists of two sections of pipe that fit together, two pipe ends  and pipe glue,  Ample Cable-ties, and Eyelets to attach to the cover.
Haul Kit has attaching kit with clip-on s/s  caribina clip to cord.

Full instructions are included for fitting on-site.

Simple Boom Kit


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A Pool Boom  assists when rolling the Cover out by providing a stiff edge that keeps a floating Cover straight and above the waterline.  It keeps pressure off any attachment to the cover when rolling out with a Haul Cord,  preventing cover damage. Usually used for longer pools, but can be useful on any rectangular pool.

The Simple Boom Kit can be retro-fitted to an existing cover, or ordered with new cover. The  plastic pipe can easily be cut to the width  required with any hacksaw or woodsaw.

The  Boom pipe is attached  under the cover with cable-ties and not visible.

Comes with a haul Cord and full fitting instructions.