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Solar Blue Pool Cover


Type 400B is an economical lighter-weight pool cover (400 microns) with a 5 year pro-rata warranty at $18.50 square metre.

Type 525B a high quality cover with optimum thickness (525 microns), long lasting with a 10 year pro-rata warranty $23.50  square metre.



per p.sqM
Price $18.50 per sq.M. A lighter weight (400 microns) economical Solar Bubble with 5 year Pro-Rata warranty when used with an Over-Cover (Ordered separately)
Price 23.50 per Sq.M. The most popular Solar Bubble with 10 year Pro-Rata Warranty when used with an Over-Cover (Ordered separately).
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A great choice for maximum durability and maximum heat gain from the sun.

The translucent blue covers are the most popular of the Daisy range.

Using Daisy UltraDome™ patented technology for enduring quality and maximum heat retention. (R Value = 0.1)
UV protected for New Zealand conditions.

This pool cover allows the suns rays to enter the water, and then prevents that warmth from exiting again. This means your pool will get warm and stay warm. As a result, you get more time in the water this summer! A great way to extend your swimming season with an expected gain of  7 degrees.

Prevents water evaporation from your pool, and saves in chemical losses.

When fitting to an existing roller unit, you may like the Roller Fit-Kit which includes all ties and attachments for any roller-to-cover fitting. (This kit is included when ordering a new Daisy Roller).