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Solar Powered Sanitiser


Always wanted a product that just looks after your pool?

This brilliant  solar-powered pool sanitiser is the answer.

Just floats in your pool releasing Solar powered  ions to destroy bacteria and algae.


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Solar Pool  Ionizer
Crystal clear  safe water without chemicals.

A floating solar pool ionization-purifier system combining solar electric energy with ionization.

The solar water ionizer reduces the consumption of chemicals disinfectants by up to 80%,  powered by solar energy using natural mineral ions.

How it Works.
The sun's rays (energy) strike the solar cell where the energy is converted into a low-voltage electrical current, which in turn is transmitted to the copper based anode (under the solar panels) releasing ions into the water that completely destroy bacteria and keep your pool sanitised with a fraction of Chlorine costs.

These ions inhibit (and kill) algae growth, reduce chlorine consumption by up to 80%, help protect against surface staining and minimize scaling.
Ionized water automatically eliminates the growth of microorganisms in water.

Ideal for children and adults with skin problems aggravated by chlorinated water.

The unit comes with everything you need including test strips, wire brush and user manual.
One unit processes  up to 100 ,000 litres.

Shipping Note; This product is shipped door-to-door when ordered separately. Depot selection, when ordering on-line, is ignored. $10.00 pack & post.