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SQ Roller


Low Profile Pool Cover Roller

  • Standard SQ(S) For pools up to 4.3m wide and up to 12m long - $715.00
  • Wide SQ(W)       For pools up to 6.3m wide and up to 12m long - $918.50


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Our Low Profile  Roller

Because of its low profile, the SQ is popular for putting under a bench,  fixing to a wall, or just less noticeable around the pool.

The roller feet can be pre-drilled if required for fixing down, or to a wall, (Add a note when ordering).

Can be wall-mounted at one end where the pool is against the wall.

A Castor Kit is an option to make the roller fully mobile for easy push away from the pool-side. Locking brakes make it secure when using.

The SQ may also be fitted with the Daisy-Power powered drive (add separately - see below), for easy automatic cover retrieval.  An optional Solar Charger unit can also be added to get free energy from the sun to keep the unit fully charged.

Standard ST(S)  up to 4.3m pool width, max length pool 12m,   $715.00
Wide ST(W)        up to 6.3m pool width, max length pool 12m,   $918.50

Standard option; width 75mm Diameter Tube, Wide option; 100mm Diameter Tube. Roller Tubes are telescopic and easily adjust to the width of your pool. Comes with instructions and everything you need for easy assembly and to fit a Cover to your Roller.

Assembly tools required: Screwdriver, Mallet, Power drill (the drill-bit provided).