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ThermoTech™ Pool Cover


Closed cell foam insulation thermal pool cover.

ThermoTech™ the Daisy Thermal Pool Cover with 3.00mm or superior 4.5mm,triple layer insulation (R value 0.13).



per Sq.M
Price $56.00 per Sq.M A 4.5mm flat thermal pool cover with hghly enhanced closed-cell insulation properties and an 8 year pro-rata warranty.
Price $40.00 per Sq.M A 3.0mm flat thermal pool cover with excellent insulation properties and an 8 year pro-rata warranty.
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ThermoTech™ is an excellent choice for heated pools where a controlled temperature is required. It's  patented technology, 3.0mm thick and now the extra thick 4.5mm,  insulation has been designed by Daisy to keep your pool  at the desired temperature with absolute minimum heat losses.
Ideal for swimming in heated pools all year or extending the season.

Material is easily trimmed to size on site achieving a perfect fit for your pool cover.

ThermoTech™ can also be  fitted with a Simple Boom, or a Boom & Pocket sewn in, (see Accessories menu).

When fitting to an already existing roller unit, you may like the Roller Fit-Kit which includes all ties and attachments to fit any roller-to-cover.