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Titanium Cool Pool Cover


Titanium Cool is a modern addition to the Pool Cover range.



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Price $25.50 per Sq.M A modern look silver bubble solar pool cover with 10 year pro-rata warranty.
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The attractive sheen on this bubble-style pool cover gives a brilliant look to your swimming pool. Because of its great colour, this cover will highlight your pool landscape, rather than detract from it.

Unlike other Bubble covers, no sunlight is allowed through, therefore there is no heat gain.
This cover is used for heated pools, indoor and out, where a controlled temperature is required.

Titanium Cool is perfect for maintaining that ideal temperature.
An economic alternative to closed foam insulation. (ThermoTech™).

When fitting to an existing roller unit, you may like the Roller Fit-Kit which includes all ties and attachments for any roller-to-cover fitting. (This kit is included when ordering a new Daisy Roller).